Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Boutique

We will be in the Snappy Valley Boutique on December 12th in Lehi. We will have some inventory at the stop by if you still need a last minute gift for someone, or maybe a gift for yourself to enjoy while all of your friends and family are together for the holidays. More details about the boutique to come.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Price List

Agricola $56
Apples to Apples (Party Box) $22
Apple to Apples Party Expansion $15
Apples to Apples to Go $$15
Apples to Apples Jr. $15
Apples to Apples Kid $15
Apples to Apples Crate Edition $25
Balderdash $28
Barnyard Critters $10.00
Blink $8.00
Blokus $25.00
Travel Blokus $15
Blokus Trigon $25
Blokus 3-D $25
Boggle $18
Bohnanza $15.96
Bohnaparte Expansion $12
Bohnanza Fan Edition $12
Bunco Party in a Box $15
Bunco Deluxe Edition $17
Carcasonne Hunters & Gatherers$19.99
Carcasonne The City $39.99
Cheeky Monkey $24
Citadels $19.99
Colosseum $48
Cowabunga $16
Cranium $23
Cranium WOW $33
Cranium Whoonu $16
Cranium Family Edition $23
Cranium New Cadoo $23
Crocodile Dentist $15
Farkle $8
Feed the Kitty $10
Five Crowns $12
Gloom Card Game $19.99
Gloom - Unhappy Houses $12
Gloom - Unwelcome Guests $12
Gloom - Unfortunate Expiditions $12
Go Bananas $8
Guillotine $12
If Wishes Were Fishes $28
In a Pickle $12
Killer Bunnies $24
Killer Bunnies Boosters $10
Killer Bunnies Journey to Jupiter $40
Kinder Bunnies $16
Loot $9
MadGab $28
MadGab to Go $15
Munchkin Card Game 19.99
Pass the Pigs $10
Quiddler $12
Saboteuer $12
Say Anything $19.99
Settlers of Catan $33.60
Settlers of Catan Expansion $16
Cities and Nights $33.60
Traders and Barbarians $33.60
Seafarers $33.60
Sitty Ducks Gallery $16
Snorta $17
Thurn & Taxis $27
All Roads Lead to Rome $24
Power & Glory Expansion $24
Ticket2Ride $40
Dice Expansion $16
Europa 1912 $16
Europe $40
Marklin Edition $40
1910 Expansion $16
Card Game $20
The Chain Game $19.99
Times Up! $16
Expansion Set 2 $8
Uglydoll $9
Wits & Wagers (2nd edition)$23.99
Wits & wagers expansion $11.99
You Robot $10.50
Pepper $6.40
Smallworld $40
Shadows Over Camelot $48
Mystery of the Abbey $48
Gang of Four 2nd Edition $16
Zooloretto $35,96
Zooloretto Expansion $8
Mamma Mia $11.96
Taj Mahal $31.96
Coloretto - 11.96

Caeco Games - all $9

Mummy Rummy
Frog Juice
Horse Show
Moose in the House
Sleeping Queens
Match of the Penguins
Zues on the Loose
Uglydoll Card Game
Dog Dice
PDQ: Pretty Darn Quick Word Game
Duck Duck Bruce
Three of a Crime
King Toad
Go Way Monster!
Toss Your Cookies
Step To It

I can get almost any game, so if you don't see it on this list, email at stateofhype @ gmail dot com and I will get back to you, or you can leave a comment with your email address and I can get back to you that way as well.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Following the leader...leader...leader

Following the leader whever we may go. Ok, so we're not the leader, but follow us and we'll give you a coupon for $3 off any game with a $25 purchase.

Featured Games

Our featured game this week is Ticket 2 Ride. This is by far one of our favorite games. We are currently offering $3 off this game if printed out and brought to the open house. This is good towards any full-size Ticket 2 Ride game.

Open House

Look for a price list to come shortly. It will not have EVERY game that we can get, but if there is a specific game you would like, please contact us and we will let you know if we can get it.

We will be offering free gift wrap, and will be able to get ordered games before Christmas. Also, look for weekly specials on games, and special discounts.